AUSTIN (KXAN) — When the power or gas goes out during a winter storm, oftentimes so does the heat.

The National Weather Service shared some tips on how to stay warm when the power is out:

  • Close blinds/curtains to try to keep in some heat
  • Close off rooms to avoid wasting or losing heat
  • Stuff towels or rags into the cracks under doors
  • Wear layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing.
  • Eat and drink. Food provides energy, but avoid alcohol or caffeine

KXAN also asked viewers on Facebook for tips that have been working for them:

  • Wrap yourself in blankets “like a burrito,” one viewer said.
  • Snuggle with family members or pets
  • Curl up near the fireplace (but be careful of fire dangers)
  • “Boil large smooth river rocks, carefully remove from water, wrap in dish towel and insert in sleeping bag etc.” Another viewer suggested hot water bottles.
  • Keep dry and change clothes if you start to sweat.
  • Instead of blankets, viewers have put cardboard, garbage bags or shower curtains over windows and used grocery bags to help seal gaps.
  • Cover your head
  • Minimize opening doors to the outside
  • Pick a room and work to stay in it

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