AUSTIN (KXAN) — Last week not one, but five different winter storms brought the entire state of Texas to the brink of disaster. Any one of these storms on its own would have caused major impacts to the state, but all five have brought their own damage to all corners of Texas.

Did last week’s historic winter storms damage your home or property? If so, Texas authorities want to know about it.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has created a simple self-reporting survey in order for Texans to report their damage and impacts from this recent winter event. It is very important residents and businesses report their damage, so the state receives the amount of financial support from the federal government needed to assist residents. Please help spread the word, and if you know friends, neighbors and colleagues that have experienced some damage or some impacts from this disaster, have them fill out the survey. Posting this survey on social media is encouraged.

You can access the survey through the QR code or going to the website, where there is a link to the self-reporting survey.