AUSTIN (KXAN) — A cold front that moved through the area Wednesday morning, increasing our wildfire risk and bringing in wind gusts up to 44 mph, also caused a huge spike of oak pollen.

Our partners over at Allergy & Asthma Center of Georgetown measured an oak pollen count of 6,160 grains per cubic meter Wednesday morning, which lands in the “very high” category.

In fact, this is the highest oak count of the season so far and three times higher than our prior highest count of 2022. Oak pollen hasn’t been this bad in several years, according to the clinic.

This comes as Houston doubled their highest oak pollen count on record today, causing significant problems for allergy sufferers to our southeast.

Looking ahead

Winds won’t be as strong tomorrow as they are today. With that said, we are still expecting up to 30 mph wind gusts. As a result, we expect the oak count to remain very high at least through Friday.

Hang in there though — oak pollen typically peaks during this time of the year and typically remains present through the month of April.