AUSTIN (KXAN) — Many have noticed the unusual (dare we say “pleasant”?) summer we’ve been having so far this year… and now, we have the numbers to prove it.

Here’s a look back at where July 2021 stands in the record books…

July temperatures

Camp Mabry averaged a temperature of 84.1° (1.7° below normal) which tied July 1959 and July 1947 for the 48th coolest on record.

Austin-Bergstrom recorded an average temperature of 80.8° (3.7° below normal) which puts it in the record books as the 3rd coolest in history. (July 2000 and July 1976 come in as the first and second coolest, respectively.)

July 2021’s recorded high temperatures (Austin-Camp Mabry)

July rainfall

Camp Mabry’s rainfall totaled 4.05″ (2.09″ above normal) ranking as the 17th wettest on record.

Austin-Bergstrom’s rainfall totaled 2.82″(0.66″ above normal) which also ranks as the 17th wettest on record.

July 2021’s recorded rainfall (Austin-Camp Mabry)

Other notables

  • Camp Mabry saw just one day of triple-digit heat in July, when on average, the month usually records about 10 days of 100-degree heat. Austin-Bergstrom saw no days of 100-degree heat, the average being 7 days.
  • July 4th’s high of 86° was the coolest Independence Day seen in 14 years (2007) as heavy showers and storms brought rain-cooled air and flood advisories to parts of Central Texas.
  • Austin-Bergstrom saw their coolest July 9 on record with a high of only 79° (beat the old record of 80° last set back in 1976). The airport also recorded two days of record lows on July 13 and July 14.
  • July 18 was the last day in a 16-day streak of below average temperatures.
  • An unusual microburst in Georgetown brought estimated winds of 60-70 mph, causing an RV to roll to its side, automatic doors at a business to blow off their tracks and minor tree damage.

Data courtesy of our partner Bob Rose with the LCRA.