AUSTIN (KXAN) — It should come as no surprise that October ended with below-normal rainfall as the La Nina pattern remains in place. The tenth month of the year saw only five days with rain of .01″ or higher. The final total of 2.18″ is 1.73″ below the normal of 3.91″.

Still trending drier than the average

October 2022 goes down as the 56th driest October since records started being kept.

If rainfall was below normal then chances are excellent that temperatures trended above normal, something predicted by the Climate Prediction Center.

The area continued to see fewer days of highs that were less than average. The “highest normal” for October was 87° on Oct.1. But there were 13 days where a high in the 90s happened, topped by 98° on Oct. 12.

We did see a few more below-normal highs during the second half of the month. The midnight temperature on Oct. 28 was 66° and was followed by showers and thunderstorms through the morning keeping temperatures cool the rest of the day.

The average high was 85.3°, 2.8° above normal. The average low was 59.3°, 1.5° BELOW normal.

Too many highs above normal

October 2022 is the 27th warmest October since records began with an average temperature of 72.3°, only 0.7° above normal.

Our friends at Climate Central are reporting that Octobers in Austin are getting hotter with a change of 3.0° since 1970. This is definitely NOT good news.

October was forecast to be ABOVE normal for temperatures and BELOW normal for precipitation. So, the forecast held.

The Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for November is, yet again, warmer than normal (for the entire state) and drier than normal for much of the state.

Another dry outlook

Remember, that stubborn La Nina continues its grip on the local weather.

We already know that at least two days during the first few days of November will find highs in the 80s.

A quick snapshot of November normal temps and rainfall

Let’s hope for a different outcome.