NEW ORLEANS (KXAN) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has placed resources on standby as category one Hurricane Ida enters the Gulf of Mexico.

While Texas is not in the direct path of Ida, he is encouraging those in east and southeast Texas to prepare for heavy rain, flooding, high winds and potential extended power outages in case the storm moves west.

Louisiana, however, is in the direct path and preparing for the storm Friday night. Many residents, like those in Saint Bernard Parish spent the day filling sand bags and securing boats.

The New Orleans mayor called for a mandatory evacuation for residents living outside the levee protection. For the rest of the city, evacuation is voluntary.

On Friday night, Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans spoke to a woman who plans to evacuate New Orleans and is heading to Austin, which is where she’s from.

“I got a phone call from my mom, and she said, ‘OK, here’s the plan, you’re going to get in the car with your dog and come on over,’ and that was the deciding moment,” Stephanie Frederick explained.

She says most of her neighbors have also chosen to evacuate.