AUSTIN (KXAN) — NASA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency collaborated to create an all-encompassing climate action guide detailing the most effective strategies for responding to the growing threat of climate change.

The guide, Building Alliances for Climate Action, was designed to educate and equip American citizens and organizations with the knowledge needed to adapt to the effects of the ever-changing climate.

Some of the recommendations for professionals to promote climate action include:

  • Center actions on equity and community resilience
  • Move from one-time efforts to large-scale projects that touch all parts of the community
  • Integrate creative voices like artists and designers

Nationwide calls for updated information regarding the state of climate change led to the Alliances for Climate Action, a virtual series hosted by NASA and FEMA last year. In the series, they discussed the current state of the global climate as well as steps that can be taken to combat climate change.

The guide is a direct consequence of the Alliances for Climate Action, serving as a consolidated resource containing climate initiatives in line with the aim of the current presidential administration.

“To meet this moment, we need to invest in initiatives to break the cycles of disaster, damage and reconstruction,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell. “Our actions now will directly impact the future. In the past, FEMA was criticized for insufficient action on climate change. This will not be our future.” 

NASA has collaborated with FEMA in numerous ways to assist them in understanding the nature of climate change and the magnitude of the threat it poses. They frequently provide counsel and help FEMA make informed decisions when it comes to climate action.

You can read the full report here.