AUSTIN (KXAN) — May is traditionally our wettest month of the year with five inches of rain at Camp Mabry/Austin. But even by typical May standards, this month has been a wet one.

Camp Mabry’s rainfall total for the month will go down as 7.23″ of rain, compared to a normal May which brings 5.04″.

Even more impressively, Austin-Bergstrom Intl. Airport has tallied 12.27″ of rain this month — more than double their monthly average. 3.95″ of that rain came in just a few hours Sunday evening. The National Weather Service reports this will go down as Austin-Bergstrom’s 4th wettest May in recorded history.

Interestingly, May 2020 was the airport’s 6th wettest with 8.94″ in the bucket. And NWS reports that 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021 are all in the top 7 wettest. As the climate warms, May is getting wetter — and heavy downpours/flooding are happening more frequently.

Parts of Travis County have tallied more than 10″ of rain this month, while a few eastern communities have seen more than 18 inches of rain. This rainfall has caused flooding, but will also be beneficial in preventing drought conditions from developing too quickly this summer, and also limiting early-summer 100 degree days.

Check out your county-by-county totals in the maps or link below.

Hill Country rainfall totals last 30 days, ranging from 2″ to more than 9″ (LCRA Hydromet)
Austin Metro area rainfall totals last 30 days, ranging from 5″ to more than 11″ (LCRA Hydromet)
Eastern county rainfall totals last 30 days, ranging from 6″ to more than 18″ (LCRA Hydromet)