AUSTIN (KXAN) — If Camp Mabry doesn’t get some rain before the end of the month, July will officially go down in the books as the first month without measurable rain in Austin since 2015.

While parts of Austin did get rain and storms last week, Camp Mabry received only a trace, meaning there wasn’t enough rain to be measurable. That’s important, because the site acts as Austin’s official weather reporting station.

July is typically the second-driest month in Austin, with an average of 1.96″ expected in the month each year. Long-range forecasts from the Climate Prediction Center suggest Austin will continue to see below-average rainfall through the end of the month.

So far this month, Camp Mabry has had no measurable rain — something that hasn’t happened in any month since July 2015. That month, Austin officially received a trace of rain, the same as this month.

The last time Austin received 0″ — so not even a trace — was November 2012.

The chart above shows how rainfall totals in Austin have compared to the average since 2000. The brown boxes indicate the month had below-average rainfall, while the blue boxes represent above-average rainfall. The darker the color, the more above or below normal.

The last month to have above-average rainfall at Camp Mabry was February, when the site received 153% of an average February’s worth of rain.

Austin has received 61% of its average rainfall year-to-date. Last year ended slightly above normal, with 104% of the average rainfall throughout the year.

Austin’s hottest year ever, 2011, ended up at 54% of average rainfall, but 2008 was the driest so far this century, with just 44% of average rainfall through the year.