Editor’s Note: The video above shows the latest from the KXAN First Warning Weather team.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s official: last month was the hottest July on record in the city of Austin.

The average temperature at Camp Mabry, with both highs and lows taken into account, was 90.8°. That beats the previous record of 90.6° set in July 2011.

No other July in recorded history has had an average temperature greater than 90°. In a normal July, the average temperature is 85.8°.

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July 2023 saw a total of 25 days above 100°. As of July 31, 24 of those were in a row, the second-longest streak ever.

Camp Mabry, Austin’s official weather reporting site, was at or above 105° for 11 days in a row between July 10 and 20, making it the longest stretch of 105° temperatures ever recorded. Weather records in Austin date back to the 1890s.

Not only was last month the hottest July ever recorded, but it was also the second-hottest month ever recorded. Only August 2011 has had a higher average temperature, at 91.7°.