AUSTIN (KXAN) — As we begin what is usually our stormiest month in Central Texas, models are coming N*Sync toward an even wetter month than normal.

Earlier this year we said Bye Bye Bye to La Niña. With El Niño yet to begin, May’s forecast has No Strings Attached to the climate pattern known as ENSO.

Rain forecast for May in Central Texas

We previewed the May forecast in mid-April, but on April 30 the Climate Prediction Center released their updated forecast for the month ahead. The original forecast pointed toward a near-normal month of rain, but now a wetter-than-normal month is expected.

This means that storms and rain could Pop more frequently, producing beneficial liquid before we head into the hotter and drier summer months.

May Rain Forecast (CPC) (Updated April 30, 2023)

Central Texas continues to suffer from drought, especially west of I-35, so this wetter outlook is generally a positive development.

Drought Monitor (Late April update)

May temperature forecast for Central Texas

In what many may feel is also good news, the temperature forecast for May has changed from the mid-April release. Weeks ago the May temperature forecast was warmer than normal. Now those warmer expectations are Gone and near-normal temperatures are expected by the Climate Prediction Center.

May Temperature Forecast (CPC) (Updated April 30, 2023)

What’s normal for May in Austin?

  • Average High: 86.9º
    • May 1 Average High: 83º
    • May 31 Average High: 91º
  • Average Low: 66.8º
    • May 1 Average Low: 63º
    • May 30 Average Low: 71º
  • Average Rain: 5.04″ (Wettest month on average)

May is typically the wettest and stormiest month of the year in Central Texas and it’s usually our wettest month by a lot. No other month of the year averages more than four inches in a month and May averages a little more than five!

Flash flooding concerns

With more rain coming in with our wettest month of the year, flash flooding will become an increased concern. If you don’t remember anything else “turn around, don’t drown” if you see water-covered roadways.

The First Warning Weather Team will continue to track the daily changes with the weather and keep you ahead of any severe weather or flash flooding risk, This I Promise You.