AUSTIN (KXAN) — Nov. 15 is the day set aside for Texas Recycles Day. Rich Segal spoke with Laura Lopez from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on the history of this day and the reason it is so important.

This event dates back to 1994 when it was National Recycles Day. There are 40 states, including Texas, participating in their respective Recycles Day.

Lopez said this day is important because one person throws away seven pounds of of waste per day. It adds up to nearly 30 pounds of waste for a family of four. One of the objectives is to bring both of these numbers down to send less to area landfills.

In 2022, 39.7 billion tons of waste went to landfalls across the country. Also in 2022, just 1.7 million tons were diverted away from the landfills due to the efforts of those who do recycle.

Lopez urged people to participate in local events, visit websites like Keep America Beautiful, organize a community cleanup, talk to others about the benefits of recycling.

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