AUSTIN (KXAN) — In anticipation of this week’s Arctic cold front, we dug through the archives to see how this week’s freeze matches up to historic freezes of Austin’s past.

December 2022 forecast

A strong Arctic cold front is expected to arrive early to midday Thursday bringing frigid temperatures and strong winds. Expect temperatures to drop to the 30s Thursday afternoon, and hover at or below freezing for the following ~48 hours (likely closer to ~72 hours in the Hill Country and rural valleys). Wind chills will reach dangerous levels Thursday night into Friday morning.

February 2021

A record storm by multiple accounts, the February 2021 winter storm is likely to stay unmatched for some time. A dip in the jet stream allowed a chunk of the polar vortex to sink south, keeping northerly winds in place for over a week and temperatures below freezing for 6 straight days. Five storm systems impacted the area bringing over a half a foot of snow, ice and frigid cold to Central Texas.

February 2021 freeze to this week’s forecast

For a look back at KXAN’s coverage of the historic storm, click here. Find the full storm report from the National Weather Service here.

February 2011

February 2011’s winter weather outbreak was a “cold front + low pressure system” combo. An Arctic air mass sank in from the north Tuesday, February 1st. The next day, a storm system kicking east of out of New Mexico brought freezing rain and snow to Central Texas. Over 500 traffic accidents resulted with nearly all highways and interstates shut down in San Antonio.

February 2011 freeze to this week’s forecast
Feb. 2011 observed temperatures compared to this week’s forecast

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December 1989

Although similar in length of time, the 1989 winter weather event was accompanied by light snow and extreme wind chills.

December 1989 freeze to this week’s forecast
Dec. 1989 observed temperatures compared to this week’s forecast

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