AUSTIN (KXAN) — LA afternoons in Austin? As much as Texans hate to be compared to California, we have certainly felt a bit ‘Los Angeles-like’ with the weather lately. Recent temperatures in Austin have been very similar to the climate of Southern California.

The KXAN First Warning Weather Team did some digging and crunched the numbers. After the Arctic blast in December, Central Texas has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather with even a few days with record-breaking high temperatures.

The period from Dec. 26 through Jan. 18 in Austin had an average high temperature of nearly 74 degrees. San Diego’s annual average high temperature is 70.4 degrees while downtown Los Angeles’ annual average high temperature is 75.5 degrees.

Comparing Austin's recent highs to annual normals in Southern California
Comparing Austin’s recent highs to annual normals in Southern California

The morning low temperatures however are not very comparable. Cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are considerably moderated by the Pacific Ocean and as a result, don’t get too cold overnight. The average annual low temperature for Los Angeles is 57.2 degrees while San Diego’s is a similar 58.2 degrees. Austin however, landed with a much cooler average of 48 degrees.

Climate Prediction Center’s Week Two Outlook

Our ‘So-Cal’ vibes however look to come to an end by next week. The week two forecast by the Climate Prediction Center is predicting cooler-than-normal temperatures. That could potentially place us with afternoon highs closer to the upper 50s to low 60s.