AUSTIN (KXAN) — Significant icing is possible for parts of Central Texas beginning today through Wednesday.

After a strong cold front blew through Central Texas Sunday afternoon, enough cold air is in place for freezing drizzle and freezing rain. This form of precipitation falls as liquid rain, but encounters a layer of freezing air at the surface, and causes that liquid rain to freeze on contact.

Winter Storm Warning in effect for nearly all of Central Texas beginning 9AM Monday

Temperatures in the 30s will feel more like 20s due to gusty north winds up to 25 mph.

Our higher resolution computer models have been picking up on the potential for some freezing rain Monday night into Tuesday morning, and possibly again Tuesday night into Wednesday.

GRAF model radar depiction (Pink is freezing rain or sleet)
GRAF model radar depiction (Pink is freezing rain or sleet)

Potential ice accumulation amounts have been trending higher (as seen by two models below), and closer to a tenth of an inch in parts of the area (or more). Remember, it doesn’t take much ice to make things slippery.

Potential ice accumulation through Wednesday morning

What we have going for us, is that the ground temperature will take a while to drop to freezing, which could significantly delay or remove any concerns about ice accumulating on surface roads. Bridges, however, get colder more quickly and could see some icy spots.

Stay with the First Warning Weather Team as we continue to forecast.