AUSTIN (KXAN) — Low lying areas of the Hill Country will more than likely flirt with freezing cold temperatures, at least briefly, early Friday morning. This comes after a very strong cold front is set to arrive late Wednesday night. This cold front will bring temperatures from the 80s Wednesday afternoon back down into the 60s Thursday afternoon — resulting in a 20-degree temperature drop.

We typically see our coldest temperatures a few mornings after a cold front passes through, and this front will be no different.

With that said, it is not a guarantee. Friday morning’s low temperatures will strongly depend on the winds and cloud coverage. Clear skies and calm winds bring colder temperatures as radiational cooling can occur best. Models, however, are still computing a light breeze and therefore confidence is still low that temperatures will drop to 32 degrees or colder.

Notice the stronger winds from the Metro out toward the east (see above). This, combined with the urban heat island effect, will more than certainly keep Austin well above freezing. When confidence continues to grow that there will be a freeze out in the Hill Country (the first of the season) then the National Weather Service will more than likely issue a Frost Advisory or Freeze Warning. If freezing temperatures verify it would mark the end of the growing season for this area.

Where does this potential freeze stand on average? Right on schedule.