AUSTIN (KXAN) — As we wrap up October, we’re already seeing signs that parts of Central Texas could get their first freeze of the season at the very beginning of November.

A strong cold front that arrived on Sunday is ushering in northerly winds that will blow in the coldest air since February to Central Texas. The coldest daytime highs look to come on Monday, before temperatures start to warm.

Highs next few days in Austin

As is often the case, the coldest nighttime lows come a little more delayed, once the wind settles down. We’re now forecasting lows on Wednesday morning in Austin to reach the mid 30s.

Lows the next few days

While mid-30s would be too warm for a freeze, we think some of the colder spots in the Hill Country, Williamson County and even Milam County could drop down to the freezing mark or below for the first time this season.

Wednesday morning lows

You can still get frost, even if temperatures don’t drop below freezing. Frost is unlikely to form when temperatures stay above 36º, but it’s possible between 34º-36º and rather likely when temperatures drop below 34º.

Frost vs. freezing temperatures
Frost vs. freezing temperatures

Average first freeze

A freeze in the first week of November would be earlier than normal for most of the Hill Country. Only far western Gillespie County averages the first freeze of the season in the first few days of the month.

Average first freeze (Courtesy: NWS Austin/San Antonio)
Average first freeze (Courtesy: NWS Austin/San Antonio)

Along and east of I-35, including Austin, the first freeze of the season doesn’t typically come until late November or early December.

The “Four Ps”

Should the confidence in a freeze in the Hill Country go up, the National Weather Service will issue a “freeze warning” to allow people to prepare. Remember the “four Ps” every time we’re forecasting temperatures below freezing: People, pets, pipes and plants.

While pipes shouldn’t get cold enough for long enough to freeze this week, it’s an early reminder that winter is coming.