AUSTIN (KXAN) — With records dating back to 1938, the first half of January 2023 takes the lead as the warmest on record for Camp Mabry, Austin. The first 15 days of 2023 had an average temperature of 61.5 degrees. This average temperature is calculated by taking the daily high and daily low temperatures of each individual day and then averaging those values over the course of 15 days.

The first 15 days of 2023 take the lead for the warmest on record

All top 4 ranking years on the leaderboard have occurred in just the last 21st century alone. A fingerprint of our changing climate.

How will we close out the month of January?

January is supposed to be cold. In fact, on average, it is our coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 52.2º at Camp Mabry. But this current warm weather pattern we are in looks to roll on… Our First Warning Weather team is forecasting an additional 7-day stretch of unseasonably warm temperatures with all but 1 day staying well above average.

With that said, it is starting to look likely that we could potentially turn a corner back to more of a cooler-than-normal weather pattern toward the end of the month. This could in theory bring us high temperatures back into the 50s with the potential for a few additional freezing cold mornings to close out the month of January. With that said, confidence isn’t too high just yet that this would come to fruition. The lighter blue color over Central Texas indicates a lower-end probability of roughly 40% which this outlook would verify.

Climate Prediction Center’s Week 2 Outlook

Stay with the KXAN First Warning Weather Team as we continue to track our record-breaking start to 2023.