First freeze for some Tuesday, widespread for all Wednesday

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Freezing temperatures made their way through much of the KXAN viewing area Tuesday morning, bringing the first freeze of the season for most of the Hill Country. Here’s a snapshot of how cold Tuesday morning was according to the LCRA Hydromet data:

As for our metro and eastern counties, many barely missed out on freezing conditions. 

But if you missed out, don’t worry. Expect an area-wide freeze Wednesday morning! We are forecasting Austin to see its first freeze of the season Wednesday morning, along with many others to the east.

With these bitter cold temperatures on the way, along with another round of Freeze Warnings Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, you need to make sure you take necessary precautions now from the cold!

Take a look at these tips sent out by the city of Austin:

Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
Cold Weather Tips From Austin Water
AUSTIN—With freezing weather in the forecast, Austin Water is reminding residents to protect their property and prevent property damage and uncontrolled water loss due to frozen or broken water pipes by following the tips below:

Before Freezing Weather
  • Wrap all exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas of the home.
  • Remove garden hoses from outside faucets.
  • Cover vents around the foundation of your home.
  • Know where your property owner’s cut-off valve is located and how to use it. The valve is located adjacent to the water meter box under a 6″ metal lid.
In Sub-Freezing Weather   
  • Drip outside faucets 24 hours a day (5 drops per minute). This is not necessary unless temperatures are expected to be 28 degrees or below for at least 4 hours. (Be sure to turn off the faucets after the threat of freezing weather.)
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.
  • In unheated garages, shut off water to washing machines. Water softeners should be drained and protected from freezing temperatures.
  • In sustained sub-freezing weather, let water drip slowly from inside faucets.
  • Take extra precautions to protect pipes that have frozen in the past.
If You Are Not Going To Be At Home
  • Shut water off at the property owner’s cut-off valve.
  • Drain all outside water faucets if your house will be unoccupied for several days (leave outside faucets open).
  • Or, leave the home heating system on at a low setting.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.
Renters and tenants may be responsible for personal property damage caused by broken water pipes during severe weather conditions. Residents should contact property management/landlord or maintenance personnel to locate the property owner’s cut-off valve and find ways to avoid pipe breakage during a freeze.

Austin Water encourages all customers to turn off irrigation systems during the winter months to help conserve water. However, businesses that continue to operate landscape irrigation systems are asked to shut their systems off in order to prevent possible freezing of pedestrian areas and damage caused by freezing conditions.

If a water line breaks and the cut off valve does not work or the customer is unable to locate or operate the value, Austin Water is available to turn off the water. Call Austin Water’s 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at 512-972-1000.
For more information, please visit

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