AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mother Earth will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22. It’s estimated that more than one billion people will celebrate Earth Day. It’s the day set aside to do everything we can to take better care of the planet, including ways not to pollute the air and the water to deforestation. Just like we need homes so do the animals and other wildlife. Several activities are taking place that will also bring awareness to people on how to be good stewards of our environment

Concerns about environmental issues are nothing new. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. The result of rallies that took place across the country resulted in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency later that year. It is estimated that 140 countries are celebrating Earth Day.

Some activities to consider as you celebrate Earth Day

Several events are being held in Austin, considered the greenest city in the country according to ListShack. They include cleaning up the lake and the land along Lady Bird Lake. Over 1,400 volunteers in 2022 removed 6,000 pounds from area green spaces and waterways. Children will get hands-on experiences like planting gardens and trees. People will learn about water preservation, why it’s a good idea to turn off unnecessary lights, and, recycling and reusing.

As many as 140 countries participating in Earth Day bring a multitude of different projects. Across the Atlantic London’s celebration includes raising money for climate change groups. They call it Empower Earth Day Celebration. Speakers passionate about the environment will deliver talks throughout the day. Offerings also include vegan care and communal yoga.

The Land Down Under calls its event Restore Our Earth. It’s being held in Queensland, Australia for the 34th year. It was even held during the pandemic. Their observance will include information summits, parties and a gardening event. In Sydney, nature walks with experts are offered.

Recycling in Auckland, New Zealand (Courtesy: Getty Images)

International Mother Earth Day and Earth Expo are celebrated each April 22 in South Africa. Climate change is thought of there as a big threat facing humanity today. They will have discussions on how each day should be one that looks at environmental sustainability. The Expo educates its citizens on sustainable nutrition and technology, among other subjects.

Let’s head to India where the India Trust began its Earth Day observance in 2010. Their agenda includes the battle against harmful impacts on the country’s ecosystem through things like poaching and road-building. They also have a dialogue about how to eliminate the invasion of species that are non-native. There is also a big focus on the endangered Asian elephant.

What some other cities/countries do to bring awareness to the environment

Earth Day Tokyo happens in Yoyogi Park to learn about the environment and sustainability. Tokyo hosts this over two days.

Switzerland, and specifically the International School of Geneva, raises money through a green sale. Funds raised go to planting trees on school grounds. Green-friendly arts and crafts are offered. And, they play games related to recycling.

The Philippines does something rare by conducting marathons with options as much as 13 and 26 miles as part of their awareness campaigns.

Rome will celebrate for five days. Included is a sustainability festival for the country’s youth. Science workshops are also held.

Every country participating in Earth Day, whether it’s the actual day or longer, brings something a little unique to their celebrations. But there is a common goal, one that shouldn’t just be practiced on the day itself. Awareness should be 365 days a year. Clearing up our lakes and lands should be ongoing. Not wasting water and electricity, something so easy to do, can be done daily. Recycling is so simple; it takes very little time to do.

It’s all about being good stewards of our land, our waterways, the wildlife and each of us.