AUSTIN (KXAN) — After an almost bone-dry first half, there’s now potential for this month to reach the top 10 wettest Augusts of all time in Austin.

As of Aug. 21, Camp Mabry has officially recorded 0.97″ of rain, but several more inches are possible as we close out the month.

The KXAN First Warning Weather team currently has at least a 10% chance of rain every single day over the next seven days, with rain chances as high as 70% Tuesday.

NWS rainfall potential through next Monday (8/29)
NWS rainfall potential through next Monday (8/29)

Rainfall totals over that period could reach 3-5″ in many spots. Add that to the 1″ Camp Mabry has already received, and it’s possible Austin could officially record 6 or so inches by the end of the month.

If that were to happen, we’d crack the top 10 wettest Augusts ever.

Of course, location is everything. Camp Mabry is Austin’s official weather reporting site, so if several inches fall in other parts of Austin but not at Camp Mabry, it won’t go down in the record books.

While an average August sees 2.74″ of rain, 12 Augusts have seen more than double that, including all of the years in the top 10.

2017 saw a record-setting 10.44″ of rain, almost four times more than normal. That year, 5.08″ fell on a single day, Aug. 26, the day after Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas coast. Two other days in August that year also picked up more than 2″.