MIAMI (KXAN) — A Miami-based company is trying to pave the way to net-zero carbon pollution by developing ‘green’ concrete that absorbs and captures CO2 pollution from the atmosphere.

“Our main and very big goal is to remove a billion tons of CO2 pollution with our technology,” Tim Sperry, CEO of Carbon Limit, said.

Sperry’s company developed a concrete additive that transforms regular concrete into a version that actively captures carbon dioxide pollution from the air. Carbon Limit claims their technology attracts CO2 to the concrete like a magnet, then solidifies the CO2 into the concrete itself. Sperry said that one mile of their concrete can remove the same amount of CO2 as thousands of trees each year. The company has won multiple sustainability awards for the technology.

While the company has been directly involved in getting their product into a U.S. Department of Transportation paving project and also at a large technology company, Sperry said their main customers are cement and concrete manufacturers who pay for a license to use the carbon capture technology then sell directly to their customers.

“There is a little bit of a ‘green premium’,” Sperry said of the product’s cost, but carbon credits generated can offset some of that cost.

The University of California Los Angeles Institute of the Environment and Sustainability said that carbon sequestration projects are an integral part of keeping global temperature rise below the Paris Climate Agreement goal of 2 degrees Celsius.