Just two weeks after a record breaking series of winter storms, our focus now turns to spring severe weather.

Meteorological spring begins March 1, as does Severe Weather Season in Central Texas.

Based on climatology, looking back at past weather events the risk for severe weather starts to rise as we head into March. With each passing week the threat of severe weather increases in frequency and usually intensity. The peak of severe weather season is typically in May. By June, there’s usually a quick drop off of severe weather as we head into the drier and hotter summer months.

Severe weather of all kinds is most frequent during these months with hail, flooding, damaging winds and tornadoes are all possibilities.

While March through early June may be our “severe weather season” it’s always important to remember that severe weather can happen any time of year.

It’s a great time to make a severe weather plan! Ready.gov suggests going through the following questions when preparing for severe weather.