AUSTIN (KXAN) — The numbers are in and we just wrapped up a top 10 warmest winter ever in Austin.

Data at Austin’s Camp Mabry goes back to 1897, and we ended in 9th place for the warmest meteorological winters since record keeping began.

Meteorological winter began December 1 and ended February 28, a full 90 days later.

Thanks to a very warm end of February, we surged into 9th place after being just 13th place over the weekend.

Warmest winters in Austin (Camp Mabry)
Warmest winters in Austin (Camp Mabry)

The average mean temperature for winter ended as 56.1º in Austin.

The average mean temperature accounts for both the high temperature and the low temperature for a particular day.

A TYPICAL winter average mean temperature is 53.9º, which means this winter averaged more than 2º warmer than normal.

Average winter temperature compared to normal in Austin (Camp Mabry)
Average winter temperature compared to normal in Austin (Camp Mabry)

The warmest winter ever? The winter of 2016-2017 which had an average temperature of 58.7º

Other notable winter 2022-2023 statistics

As is typical with La Nina winter’s in Central Texas, it wasn’t just warm it was dry. We picked up only 4.99″ of rain through February 26th, which would make it the 45th driest year.

Winter rainfall at Austin's Camp Mabry
Winter rainfall at Austin’s Camp Mabry

A typical winter in Austin gets 7.25 inches of rain, meaning our rainfall deficit for the season was 2.26″

Austin also recorded winter’s warmest single day average temperature on February 22nd. On that day our high was 91º, our low was 69º so our average temperature for the day was 80º. No day has ever had an average temperature that warm in the winter.