AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Climate Prediction Center released its final April forecast on Thursday — and you guessed it — warmer and drier than normal weather should remain the pattern for Central Texas as La Niña conditions continue from winter into spring.

Central Texas’ April forecast

CPC April Temperature Outlook

The confidence in warmer than normal temperatures for Central Texas and throughout the state is extremely high for April.

CPC April Precipitation Outlook

While odds also point toward a drier than normal April, confidence in this happening in Central Texas is not as high as the temperature forecast. As is often the case, we can get a lot of rain in a short amount of time here in Central Texas. It’s possible that even a short-lived wet period in April could give us a months worth of rain and make up for drier than normal conditions dominating the rest of the month.

What’s normal for April in Austin?

  • Average High: 80.3
    • April 1 Average High: 78
    • April 30 Average High: 83
  • Average Low: 58.9
    • April 1 Average Low: 56
    • April 30 Average Low: 62
  • Average Rain: 2.42″ (3rd driest month on average)
  • Average Snow: 0″

United States April forecast

Nationally the warmer than normal temperatures should include most of the southern half of the country with the East Coast also favoring a warmer than normal month ahead. Colder than normal temperatures in April appear most likely in the Pacific Northwest.

CPC April Temperature Forecast

Rainfall looks more common close to the Great Lakes region and Pacific Northwest with drier than normal conditions continuing in the South and Southwest.

CPC April Precipitation forecast

Drought forecast

Drought is expected to remain or get worse throughout Central Texas and most of the western half of the United States. On the other hand, the East Coast looks to stay relatively drought-free through April.