AUSTIN (KXAN) — We rely on them for information to handle everything from long-term climate change to immediate life-saving decisions.

March 23 is a day set aside to honor the world’s meteorologists.

According to, March 23 marks the anniversary of the day the International Meteorological Organization (IMO) became the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

2023 marks the 150th year for the WMO and its predessor IMO.

Thursday, Council Member Mackenzie Kelly from District 6 recognized local meteorologists for their work in Austin.

Members of the National Weather Service and Austin news stations were in attendance, including KXAN’s Rich Segal, part of the largest weather team in Central Texas.

In the proclamation, Kelly encouraged people to listen to the warnings from meteorologists when there are storms or severe weather.

Kelly cited the winter storm this year and the Memorial Day Flood of 2015 as two examples of how local meteorologists kept people informed about critical weather information to keep everyone safe.

“Meteorologists play a vital role our safety and work tirelessly to keep us safe,” Kelly said. “Your dedication and hard work is more than appreciated, you save lives and we owe you a debt of gratitude.”