LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KXAN) — On Thursday, survivors of Hurricane Laura started to pick up the pieces.

“We’ve never experienced a category four,” said Gary Miles.

In Lake Charles, he and his family said they hid under couch cushions in their bathtub.

“I had on a motorcycle helmet in case a tree fell.”

The eye of Hurricane Laura passed right over them. Louisiana State Police launched their own drones to look at the damage on Interstate 10.

One family from Sulphur, which is located along the highway, regrets not evacuating and escaping to safety.

“When they say to leave, you should leave. Because it’s going to be worth it in the long run,” Bryce Gardner said.

They spent the night holding down their grandfather’s store. Now, they say it’s in shambles, like many other businesses across town.

“I didn’t feel safe, and I didn’t feel safe for my child.”

Insurance adjusters have been called. Most people say they’ll start their own cleanups until help arrives within the next three days.

Roads in areas like Holly Beach were mostly impassable. The only ones able to get through were Red Cross trucks and helicopters giving aid.