AUSTIN (KXAN) — Overnight snow has brought near-record snowfalls across Central Texas. With such a rare event for Central Texas, it’s important to know how to properly measure snowfall.

In order to get an accurate snowfall measurement, you will want to make sure that you measure with a ruler or yardstick on a flat surface that is about 25 feet away from any building. This will ensure that your measurement is an actual snowfall and not a snowdrift, which happens when winds pile snow in larger amounts against the sides of buildings and fences.

Good examples for readings are decks and flat patio furniture like tables and benches. You will also want to make sure you get several readings from different parts of your yard and get an average.

Inaccurate snowfall totals can occur if you measure on a grassy surface as the blades of grass may inflate the actual total. Snow drifts that pile up against buildings and fences will typically inflate measurements. Measuring on mounds and crevices will also yield inaccurate readings as well.

Here are some photos from viewers measuring the snow.