The epic week-long series of winter storms and freezing cold we are continuing to endure is inspiring Austinites and others from surrounding communities to help each other get through the multitude of difficulties.

Our inbox at KXAN is filling with examples of neighbors helping neighbors and individual acts of kindness we all should be thankful for.

Below are just a couple of examples, and all of us at KXAN thank our viewers who have also offered to support our staff in a variety of ways from rides to food to warm places to sleep. We are doing well, but to those who are not, hang in there, the sun will shine Friday (literally).

KXAN viewer Jamie Norman shared this:

Wanted to share an uplifting photo during this rough time. We live in Crystal Falls in Leander. This is in the Cap Rock neighborhood. We have not been able to get out of our neighborhood for a week now as we live at the bottom of an ice covered hill. The city cannot touch it as it is private property. HOA has done nothing to help. Us residents had enough and my husband organized a small crew to meet this morning and dig out the road. What started as 5-6 people turned in to more than 20 with more residents donating tools, sand and salt. This photo is not mine, another neighborhood posted it. It has been shared among our Facebook pages and has given us all a glimmer of hope, showing what the true meaning of community is. I am incredibly proud of these neighbors and wanted to share.

KXAN viewer Heidi Hernandez sent this:

I don’t know the guy I’m emailing you about, but I am a member of this Facebook group which was created (I think) in response to the weather situation we’re in — it’s about neighbors helping neighbors. There is a guy in this group Tank Lopez who has spent the entire day today (I *think* yesterday as well) picking people up and getting them where they need to be. If you are looking for a FEEL GOOD STORY THIS IS IT!!!! All day I have been blown away by post after post in which this guy is tagged and says he’ll be there! (I should add the group is run by a Mike Daulhauser (who I also don’t know) I think he is the organizer of all of the help while Tank has the vehicle to get it done!) Many people have offered to chip in on gas and this was his response. You’ve GOT to run something about this guy (and Mike too!)!

KXAN viewer Lindsay Irvin shared this story:

My husband braved going to get supplies for us today at H Mart at Lakeline. It was the only place still open that was semi-safe to navigate to. The power went out in the store. Customers had baskets filled with food and essentials. They let everyone go home with the food. No one was asked to or made to pay even if they had cash. They just wanted customers to have their food. We are so touched by their kindness and generosity during this winter storm. I wanted to spread some good news, if able, to promote them in return, and b/c well, some good news right now might be nice for ATX.

KXAN viewer Tami Cooper shared this:

Dane Garrison drove around the Smithville area giving out water and crackers to rose that needed it. You can find him on Facebook.