AUSTIN (KXAN) — Our worst ice storm in at least 16 years has come to an end, but widespread tree and power line damage in its wake is leading to lingering widespread power outages.

Power Restoration Update: Austin Energy is no longer able to provide a time estimate on full power restoration

As of the latest report, Camp Mabry recorded 0.64″ of ice accumulation over the last three days — a historic amount that has added hundreds of pounds of weight to trees and power lines. When full reports are issued, some areas may have recorded up to 1 inch of ice.

This is different from the winter storm of Feb. 2021 and even the ice storm of 2007 because this even was pure ice, as opposed to a mix of ice, sleet and snow accumulation. This is even harder to drive on, and weighs more on objects.

Temperatures warmed above freezing in Austin at 4 a.m. Thursday, concluding a 66-hour stretch of freezing cold temperatures. Highs reached 40 degrees Thursday afternoon, helping to melt some of the ice clinging to elevated objects.

What Comes Next

As clouds clear and north winds help dry us out by sunrise Friday, no additional roadway icing is expected. Melting ice dripping from roofs and patios, however, may lead to a few slick spots on your front steps Friday morning.

Expected Friday morning lows
Expected Friday morning lows

Warmer sunshine builds in Friday through the weekend — a welcome sight after the week we have endured.

Next three days
Next three days

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