CENTRAL TEXAS (KXAN) — As multiple tornadoes ripped through Central Texas Monday, KXAN viewers and KXAN crews captured the storms in action, along with the aftermath and the road toward recovery.

Here is a nonlinear look at some of the funnel clouds and damages captured, with wreckage extending as far south as Hays County and as far north toward Granger.

The National Weather Service is currently evaluating data and other resources to determine the tornadoes’ paths as they extended from southwest of Austin to the northeastern point of the metro area and beyond. Four crews will examine the following areas to gather specifics on the tornadoes:

  • Start in Round Rock, work northeast
  • Start in Jarrell, head toward Elgin
  • Start near Granger, work toward southwest
  • Start in Seguin, work east toward Kingsbury and Stairtown

A preliminary report of NWS’ findings is expected by late afternoon Tuesday. The following maps give rough outlines of each of the four survey paths. These are not the confirmed trajectories of the tornadoes; those pathways have yet to be determined by NWS.