Close pair: Venus and the moon visible in tonight’s sky



Thursday (Feb 27th) and Friday (Feb 28th) evening’s sky will visibly feature a pair of celestial notables: Venus and the moon. The two will appear close together in the western twilight shortly after sunset.

Venus ranks as the third-brightest object in the sky, falling behind the moon (second-brightest) and the sun (the brightest).

Uranus will also be present but not easily seen without help from an optical instrument. Uranus – seventh planet from the sun – is no brighter than the faintest start and will be tough to spot given the moon’s glare.

DID YOU KNOW: Venus shows phases similar to the moon… but the phases are not in sync nor are they visible with the naked eye. Tonight (Feb 27th) will feature the moon in the waxing crescent phase while Venus displays a waning gibbous phase.

Venus phases | Photo Courtesy:

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