AUSTIN (KXAN) — Summer heat has arrived early this year and that means your air conditioning unit is likely working extra hard just to keep your clothes from sticking to your skin. When the weather is this egregious, it is important to make sure your A/C is working at its best.

Meteorologist Kristen Currie spoke with the experts at McCullough Heating and Air about making sure your air conditioner runs efficiently. They had some great tips in this interview that even we didn’t know about — like keeping your doors open inside.

Watch the interview above or read the transcript below to learn more about what they said.

KRISTEN CURRIE, KXAN NEWS – “As the summertime heat is here, a lot of people trying to think how do I keep my home cool in the summertime months? Well, joining me for some tips today is Al D’Andrea, the general manager for McCulloch heating and air conditioning. Thank you so much for joining us today.”

Let’s jump right into it. What do we need to do to prep our home for more of these triple-digit days?”

AL D’ANDREA, MCCULLOCH HEATING AND AIR – “Simple things. When you do them all [it] can make a sizable impact. Things like keeping blinds and shades closed during the day can reduce the temperature inside your home.

Upgrading your lighting to LEDs. Incandescent traditional light bulbs put out 10% light, 90% heat. LEDs are the opposite. So we’re getting 10% heat [and] 90% of light and they save a lot of energy as well. Keeping indoor doors open, just so air can circulate. When you close a bedroom door, the room tends to pressurize and when you go in there, you’ll find that it’s warmer.”

CURRIE – “What about the efficiency of our HVAC system? What are some things that you guys advise homeowners to do or think about as those temperatures start to rise?”

D’ANDREA – “Making sure that your system is well maintained. The refrigerant is what moves the heat out of your home. There’s a misconception out there. A lot of homeowners think that the refrigerant is a consumable but it actually does not get used up over time.

If its system is low on refrigerant. That means you’ve probably got a leak and refrigerant is expensive. And so sometimes people turn their system on at the beginning of the season. And as the temperatures go up, it won’t be able to keep their home as cool as it should or are used to. And it may be because you’ve lost some refrigerator.”