AUSTIN (KXAN) – We don’t drive on icy roads very often in Central Texas, so you might not know what to do. We compiled a list of things you should do if you need to hit the road.

Remember: If there is ice on the road and you don’t need to go anywhere, TxDOT recommends you stay home.

Here are some tips for driving on slick roads:

  • Leave your lights on.
  • Give your self added distance on the road. Even more than you think you should.
  • Stop and start your vehicle gradually.
  • Take turns SLOWLY.
  • If you lose traction, do not slam on brakes! You could spin out.
  • If you start losing control, do not oversteer, turn in the director of the skid. If the back of our car is sliding to the right, turn your wheel slightly to the right.
  • Stay calm.
  • Drive like you have a freshly-baked cake or something similar in the passenger seat, and it’ll spill all over your car if you drive recklessly.