AUSTIN (KXAN) – Despite this week’s history-making events, tornadoes in Central Texas are pretty uncommon. Texas, which has been traditionally seen as a tornado hot spot, still has more tornadoes than most states, but it is seeing less tornadoes than it did 30 years ago. Some meteorologists actually believe that “tornado alley” is shifting toward the American southeast.

Meteorologist Nick Bannin spoke with Victor Gensini, a professor of meteorology at Northern Illinois University, about the shift in tornadic activity and why this is happening. You can watch the full interview above.

One big takeaway about Texas and tornadoes:

Victor Gensini: “We have a drying out of the southern plains. Less moisture. Less rainfall. And then what ends up happening is the threat for that severe weather ends up shifting into places like the mid-South and Midwest. We think part of it is climate change, but we think there is some component of natural variability as well.”