AUSTIN (KXAN) — For the past 150 years, Arbor Day has been celebrated by tree lovers everywhere. The day is all about planting trees, which can have a huge impact on everything from the weather to equity.

The Liberty Hill Garden Club is celebrating the anniversary by taking part in the Texas Tree Challenge. They want you to join in as well.

Meteorologist Rich Segal spoke with the garden club’s president, Jeanette Roache, about the challenge. You can watch that interview above or read the transcript below to learn more.

RICH SEGAL, KXAN: What is the challenge that you’re doing this year?

JEANETTE ROACHE, LIBERTY HILL GARDEN CLUB: Well, the challenge is to commemorate Arbor Day. And Arbor Day is in November, and this year, it happens to be the 100 and 50th anniversary of Arbor Day. So we are challenging everyone to plant a tree to commemorate this 100 and 50th anniversary,

SEGAL: How many trees are you hoping to plant?

ROACHE: 150.

SEGAL: Will you take more?

ROACHE: Absolutely, absolutely. That’s our minimum we want, but it takes getting people involved in and just not counting on other people to plant a tree.

SEGAL: Now on the flyer that I see behind you and which I have in an email, there are more benefits than just planting the tree itself and when the tree starts to grow. What are some of them?

ROACHE: Oh my goodness — for clean air, for shade, to beautify our communities. There’s so many trees having to be taken down with a lot of building going on, and we need to replace those trees. So our whole environment benefits.

SEGAL: I want to enter the challenge, so what do I need to do?

ROACHE: What you need to do is stand by your tree that you planted or have your family, your kids, stand by your tree and take a picture.