AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Massachusetts Amherst Political Economy Research Institute released its first Greenhouse 100 Suppliers State List. The research included state-level rankings for the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels introduced into the United States economy.

Rankings were based on the most recent data available from the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Meteorologist Rich Segal speaks with Michael Ash, a professor of economics and public policy at UMass Amherst. He says the rankings are able to determine corporate responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions and the potential liability for the damage to Earth’s climate.

The list shows which companies are introducing fossil fuels into the economy. Fuels burned leaving pollution from the emissions that contribute to greenhouse gas concentrations and climate change.

The list did not include oil drilling.

Where did Texas rank?

According to Ash, Texas ranks first among the 50 states with more than one billion metric tons worth of greenhouse gases from fuels that Texas introduces into the U.S. economy.

Ash says Texas is ahead of the curve when it comes to a green economic transition. The Lone Star State has a lot of both solar and wind energy.

He also speaks about the reaction and response that has been received since the study became public.

More information on this subject can be found at The list shows which of this state’s companies and facilities that introduce these gases.