AUSTIN (KXAN) — Natural disasters in the United States have nearly tripled in the past 40 years, according to a new report by insurance company Quote Wizard. In that time, Texas saw the most billion-dollar disasters in the country. The majority of these disasters were severe storms and droughts. Illinois came in second.

Meteorologist Nick Bannin spoke with the team at Quote Wizard about the report and its specific findings. You can watch that interview above or read the transcript below.

NICK BANNIN, KXAN NEWS: Nick VinZandt joins us from Quote Wizard with some new information about disasters across the nation, and especially here in Texas, where it looks like we’re leading the way and not in a good way, right, Nick?

NICK VINZANT, QUOTE WIZARD: We looked at natural disasters and how many billion-dollar natural disasters have happened over the last 40 years. And what we found is that natural disasters have increased by 163% nationwide over the last 20 years. And when we look at the state that has the most natural disasters, it’s Texas.

137 billion dollar plus natural disasters in the last 40 years. And it’s not even really close. Texas has 137 natural disasters, significant natural disasters. The next closest state is Illinois with 96.

BANNIN: Give me some specific numbers as far as disasters here in Texas.

VINZANT: So just looking at the last 20 years, 103 total major natural disasters — 10 of those have been droughts, six flooding. There have been technically no freezes yet. But this is a lagging number. So that is probably going to change.

Seventy severe storms, nine cyclones or hurricanes, six wildfires and two winter storms, the classification can get a little difficult, right, like a winter storm may not necessarily classify as a freeze. But overall, you can see that severe storms are by far the biggest natural disaster affecting Texas.

BANNIN: And all of those numbers are disasters that reach a certain monetary threshold.

VINZANT: Yeah, so those are all considered to be billion-dollar natural disasters. And that can get a little bit tricky in the sense that it’s an estimate, right at this point. So it hasn’t necessarily cost the state a billion dollars yet, but it is projected that it will cost the state a billion dollars. So, for example, in the last 20 years right now, 103 total billion-dollar natural disasters that have cost the state around $250 billion.

BANNIN: Nick VinZandt from Quote Wizard, thanks for joining us today.

VINZANT: Thank you for having me.