AUSTIN (KXAN) — As we are in the midst of hurricane season and approaching our rainy fall months, it is important to realize humans aren’t the only ones seeking shelter during flooding rains.

Pests and rodents actively take cover in homes as well. Meteorologist Sean Kelly spoke with pest prevention expert and CEO of EarthKind Kari Block to learn about some helpful tips you can do at home before and after a storm to keep these pests away.

SEAN KELLY, KXAN NEWS: “We all know that we’re in the middle of hurricane season, and it could take just one big storm to bring us from drought to flood. And with that could come some unwelcome to house guests.

Joining us is Kari Block. She’s a pest prevention expert and CEO of EarthKind. She’s here to bring us some household tips before and even after a storm for protection against rodents and pests.”

KARI WARBURG BLOCK, EARTHKIND: “Critters are much like humans in the fact that they want to be safe, they want to be dry, they want to be comfortable. They want to be in a place where there’s enough resources like food and water, much like us.

So those are always great things to consider when you want to prevent a pest from moving into your home, making your place their space, which is something that we don’t want to do to add insult to injury after a storm.

So there’s some things you can do to prepare. So the first thing to do is go outside, walk around the perimeter of the home, look for the things that need to be picked up and put away. Look for the things that need to be fixed. And consider what type of deterrence you want to place inside your home to keep the pests out.

The next thing that’s important to do is to seal the holes. Mice, for instance, can get into a hole the size of a dime or less.

The next thing that you want to do is eliminate attractants. Rodents for instance can smell dog food, like two miles away, their sense of smell is so fierce, and they’re trying to survive. So make sure you you store any kind of food that’s going to attract a rodent, even other pests, inside airtight containers.

Also clean your home’s perimeter, because pests are going to hang out in leaf piles, any kind of debris within, say, 10 to 20 feet of the home. They’re going to find safe harbor in there and look for an entrance.

Placing a pasty product like EarthKind’s and placing these little pouches by any type of entrance or door where they could get in including a garage door.”