AUSTIN (KXAN) — Green Earth Conservation Lawns, based in south Austin, is trying to do something different — only using battery-powered equipment like electric blowers and edgers that charge on board the truck.

Yes, even the larger ride-along mower runs only on batteries that charge in about four hours and can last up to two days of all-day mowing.

It’s not just environmental benefits that you’ll get by choosing electric-powered mowing machines, but you’ll also notice a big reduction in noise pollution too.

We spoke to one of Green Earth Conservation Lawn’s customers, Aaron Otstott, about the benefits of electric mowing.

“It’s just so quiet. I work from home. He’ll mow the lawn. I’ll step outside, and I’ll be like, ‘Wow somebody mowed the lawn, I didn’t even realize he was there,'” Otstott said.

But what about the price for the service?

“Oh I’m sure it’s going to be more expensive, but it wasn’t. We didn’t have to spend a penny extra on yard care than we were doing,” said Meena Matei, another GECL customer.

Part of the reason the prices don’t differ is the cost of equipment compares well with gas-powered mowers, especially the larger ones.

As the price of electric lawnmowers has gone down the past few years, Consumer Reports said the break-even point for owning a battery-powered lawn mower is 1.4 years, after which it becomes cheaper to own a battery-powered mower compared to a gas-powered mower.

“We have a 33-inch deck. That’s a little more expensive than some of those smaller mowers, so there’s an upfront cost with some of the platforms. The bigger platforms? We’re right there,” said President of Green Earth Conservation Lawns Barry Fassauer.

Fassauer hopes other lawn care companies switch to electric power too. He plans to make his business even greener, adding solar power to charge and electric-powered trucks to get from lawn to lawn. He also uses only organic fertilizer on the lawns his team cares for.

So far it’s a business model that works with a message that resonates.

“One small thing, one small change that we can make makes a big difference,” said Matei.