AUSTIN (KXAN) — We did it! After months and months of hot, dry weather, we made it to the colder months. With temps nearing freezing in the Hill Country and more cool weather on the way, we can finally say the cold weather has arrived. That doesn’t mean your skin is happy about it, though.

Sadly, with the colder weather comes a lot of irritation. The colder temperatures can dry out your skin, damaging it in some frustrating ways.

Meteorologist Sean Kelly spoke with plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Chamata about how to care for your skin during the colder months of the year. His main takeaways: you should have a three-step skincare routine, and you should do one thing less than during the summer.

You can watch the interview above or read the transcript below to learn more.

Dr. Edward Chamata, plastic surgeon: With colder weather, less humidity, more indoor heating, the skin is going to be stripped of its oils. It’s going to be stripped of its protective skin barrier. It’s going to dry up the skin. It’s going to cause skin irritation, redness, etc.

So it’s really, really important to make hydration as the key part of your skincare routine, okay, so that means using moisturizer, and using it morning and night, but really the most important part is to try to kind of dumb it down to three to five different products really.

I suggest at least a gentle skin cleanser, a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Sean Kelly, KXAN News: This is the time of year where we’ll get cold front. Out ahead of the cold front, it’ll be kind of warm and muggy, and then behind it a big change with the humidity and the temperatures.

Is there something that we should do to prepare for this?

Chamata: You don’t want to switch your skincare routine often okay, you really want to stick to something for at least a period of three months, one, so you can see its effectiveness. The efficacy of changing that will obviously cause potential irritation to the skin.

I suggest kind of sticking to, you know, those three main products: a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

During humid times, obviously, you can do more exfoliating to the skin, just because your skin can handle that even in winter. I don’t want you to completely stop exfoliating your skin because that can help turn over some of the dead skin cells and helps the other skincare products penetrate the skin better.

We don’t want to go too extreme with it, because it can cause dryness of the skin and issues like that.