AUSTIN (KXAN) — Unlike other allergens that we see in Central Texas, mold can be a year-round problem.

Meteorologist Nick Bannin spoke with Gideon Rubin, the CEO and Co-Founder of IAQ, an indoor contaminant measuring company, about the problems mold can cause.

Nick Bannin, KXAN Meteorologist: Gideon Rubin joins us the CEO and co-founder of IAQ. Gideon, you recently looked at the worst states for mold in the country. What are the top five? And where does Texas rank?

Gideon Rubin, CEO and Co-Founder of IAQ: Yeah, so what we found was really Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, were really the top five. And Texas is actually doing pretty well overall for mold. The factors really are humidity plays very much into that. And then the unique conditions in each region. So Texas is definitely a large state and has a lot of different sort of climates. But the moisture is a big deal there. And that’s what really drives a lot of the mold. And that’s what drives some of these states being in the in the top.

Bannin: We’re here in the central part of the state where we get a good blend of some dry time, and then also a lot of the humidity and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Would you say that coastal Texas has a bigger mold problem than, say, the western part of the state?

Rubin: Yeah, I think anywhere other where there’s more humidity, you’re going to have more mold. But I think there are other biological items that create environments that can cause more mold to grow. So items in the air floating around, so that can drive it more seasonal is what we tend to see.

Bannin: What problems does mold actually cause to a human?

Rubin: Yeah, so we have things like respiratory issues, especially if you’re in a in a group that’s more susceptible, so the elderly or people with asthma, so it can cause just general respiratory issues, it can cause also things, you know, what we’d call like general malaise, so things like headaches and exhaustion, and a little bit of anxiety. And so those things are pretty common with mold. Obviously, when you have severe incidents, then you have some major health effects that can be deadly even. But hopefully, people will take action before that occurs.