CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) — Summit Christian Academy students got to do something special this year, make their campus more sustainable. Students in one environmental science class got to launch three new programs at the school designed to better help the planet. Meteorologist Kristen Currie interviewed the class. You can read the interview below or watch the video above to learn more. This interview has been edited for clarity.

Students Klein Coburn led the recycling team at Summit Christian Academy. (COURTESY: Summit Christian Academy))

KRISTEN CURRIE, METEOROLOGIST: We are talking sustainability with Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park. Joining me now is their environmental science teacher, Melissa Tapperson. Let’s talk about what your students have been doing all semester long regarding these sustainability projects.

MELISSA TAPPERSON, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE TEACHER: So when we started learning about sustainability here on campus, I had the kids identify some problems on campus that they saw that we could make improvements to make a greener campus. And so there was three groups that developed from that. This is Klein Coburn, and he kind of led the recycling project.

CURRIE: Klein Tell me a little bit about the recycling part of the project.

KLEIN COBURN, STUDENT: What we identified and saw as a problem with the campus is that we had a lot of recycling bins. But turns out most of this recycling wasn’t being thrown to the proper waste or just was being thrown to the wrong area.

We wanted to engage more of the students and have them care more about their campus. We all now have our own role in making sure that the recycling goes where it’s properly used and needed, instead of being thrown away and being wasted.

CURRIE: And Kylie, you were a part of the project that dealt with upcycling and creating a fashion show. Correct?

KYLIE MILLICAN, STUDENT: Yeah, so our vision was to find a more fun project that would engage the whole campus from pre-K to 11th grade, and wanting to do a fashion show, I just thought that would be really fun. And so to tie it into the environmental science aspect, we decided to incorporate thrifted fashion and kind of spread the idea that thrifted clothes can be really fun and cool, and not something that we should look down on.

Students at Summit Christian Academy took part in several sustainability projects. (COURTESY: Summit Christian Academy))

CURRIE: And Kate joins us with a look at what y’all did when it comes to gardening side of this project.

KATE NORRIS, STUDENT: So we started by Googling and researching what type of plants fruits and vegetables grow best in Texas. And then we also looked at our cafeteria and check them what foods they need and what we could get from our garden to grow for them. And this morning, we actually harvested our first like group of lettuce and we brought that over to the cafeteria which they got to use in our lunch today.

CURRIE: As the Teacher, what did you see the students gain out of this project?

TAPPERSON: They can empower them to know that they can still continue to identify problems that we have in our world. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when you’re watching the news and you’re thinking about how all the climate change is happening and all of the things that are happening in the world but when they start to feel ownership for that they are the future innovators and so pretty excited about what they’ve done.