AUSTIN (KXAN) — How do you like your Valentine’s Day weather? Do you like it warm enough to spend part of the day/evening outdoors? Or, do you like it cooler so that you can spend your time indoors cuddling and snuggling?

Who loves a good heart-shaped box of chocolates?

The past few Valentine’s Days have offered us some tranquil weather and one, 2021, that many would like to forget.

Last year was just about as perfect as they come with a mostly sunny sky that helped lead to a high of 71°. The day was also breezy.

If you lived here in February 2021 you know what that we were bone-chilling cold. The high on Valentine’s Day 2021 was 30° following a low of 13°. The 30° high is the coldest Valentine’s Day ever recorded.

The day was gray with clouds opening up with some snow late in the day. One inch of snow was measured that day followed by 5.4″ on February 15th.

Valentine’s weather the past five years

Something significant happened that day, too. The First Wind Chill Warning ever was issued by the Austin-San Antonio National Weather Service office in New Braunfels.

Tranquil cool … uneventful … weather occurred in 2020 with a high of 60° under a mostly sunny sky.

Warm temperatures were felt in 2019 when under a partly sunny sky (plenty of high clouds) the high was 75°. The next day’s high, for the record, was 91°.

Fog along with drizzle/light rain made for a day with .04″ of rain measured. It was unseasonably warm, however, with a high of 72°.

The warmest Valentine’s Day? 86° in 2014.

Some Valentine’s records

This year’s day of getting chocolate hearts and flowers starts out with clouds and a chance of rain with an isolated thunderstorm or two. Temperatures will be in the upper half of the 50s.

The rain is expected out of the area by late Tuesday morning leaving a bouquet of scattered clouds and sun for a noon outdoors lunch with temperatures in the upper half of the 60s.

Heading out for dinner on the town? Look for glorious sunshine with temperatures at 6 p.m. near 70° falling to the low 60s by 9 p.m.

With most Valentine’s celebrations happening during the afternoon and evening, it’s fairly obvious this will be One Sweetheart of a Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.