AUSTIN (KXAN) — Sometime next month, the Texas Department of Transportation will shut down the northbound Interstate 35 to northbound U.S. 183 flyover for seven days, so crews can work to smooth out the dip along the flyover.

TxDOT crews plan to deal with it by removing the concrete, adjusting the bridge joint and then repaving.

“The new and the old portions of the flyover were built with two different types of construction, segmental and traditional U-Beams. When we tied these two together, it created a dip on the riding surface and so that’s what we’re going in to smooth out so that folks have a smoother riding condition,” said TxDOT spokesperson Brad Wheelis.

The dip has been an issue for some drivers who worry it could cause their vehicle issues in the long run. Drivers who travel along the flyover usually slow down in an effort to minimize the bounce.

TxDOT officials said this is not a fix, because there is nothing wrong with the structure itself. The work crews will simply provide drivers with a smooth ride.

“By removing a sizable area of concrete we can go in and adjust the joint and replace the concrete that reduces the need for frequent maintenance,” he said.

Wheelis said they considered a few options.

“This was the most viable and longest lasting. One of the options could have been spreading some asphalt there or a little bit of concrete mix that we determined would have ended up being a long-term maintenance issue,” he said.

During the closure, drivers will have to detour to the southbound 183 frontage road, U-Turn at Cameron Road, head north and then enter the 183 main lanes. A date has not been announced. TXDOT said it did not know at this time how much it would cost to make these changes.

“This is part of the project costs and anytime we make adjustments during a construction project, that will increase the cost for materials and for labor,” Wheelis said. “Keep in mind, this project is not complete the I-35 from Rundberg Lane to U.S. 290 East is an active construction zone, there are more elements of the project being completed. And we expect final completion at the end of summer weather permitting,” he said.