BEE CAVE, Texas (KXAN) — It’s a concern several parents have shared with us: Traffic on Hamilton Pool Road during pickup and drop-off at Bee Cave Elementary School.

April Billingsley, a café manager at the school, said it’s the worst she’s seen in the four years she’s worked there. She described exiting for the day as “really, really bad.”

The problem? Take a growing population, the location of the school — which is not walkable — and the lack of bus routes, and you’ve got some pretty bad traffic.

Lake Travis Independent School District said they still need nearly 40 bus drivers to fill all their routes. Until then, some parents are stuck driving, which takes patience. You can apply to be a bus driver here. Starting pay is $23 an hour.

“Whenever staff or parents are trying to get out, either on this side or this side, it blocks it, and you can’t see, so there is big risk of an accident,” Billingsley said.

The school district said the school is continuing to explore ways to clear some of the traffic up and said just two days into the school year, they were testing new ways of easing the burden on parents.

The school now opens 20 minutes early each morning which one Bee Cave parent of two said made a big difference.

“They have given us an update every single day this week. And she’s [the principal] made changes every single day this week,” Theresa Hernandez, a parent in line to pick up her kids Friday, said. She praised the school and said the traffic this year isn’t any worse than in years past, in her experience.

“I’ve never been in a school district like that before,” she said of the school’s effort.