AUSTIN (KXAN) — Near the intersection of Farm-to-Market 969 and Gilbert Road in southeast Travis County, neighbors from the Hornsby Bend area are fed up with the traffic.

Some neighbors said it takes them a minimum of 20 minutes to get out of their neighborhood which is just a couple of hundred yards away from the intersection. Neighbors said the issue has only gotten worse in the past week since students returned to the classroom.

Not only has back-to-school traffic added to the jam, but ongoing construction on FM 969 to expand the road has already been an issue. One neighbor KXAN spoke with said this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Franklin III said the traffic is all connected. He said nearby traffic from State Highway 130 and Farm-to-Market Road 973 near Tesla flows into FM 969.

“Tesla has added to the traffic, and SH 130 which was added out here several years ago now, and now gets backed up,” he said. “The reality is it’s bad all the time, which is why I’m hoping at some point in time we get some relief from the people who make a change and make a difference.”

Franklin is not the only said something needs to be done about the traffic. Nearby neighbor Sandra Coppin said she’s lucky she works from home.

“I’m hoping for the traffic to clear up, because I can’t even go into town to run errands, go to meetings, go to the doctor,” she said. “I can’t do anything, and so I try to make all my appointments after nine o’clock when everybody gets to work and all the kids are in school.”

A Travis County spokesperson told KXAN county leaders are working with “interested parties” to come up with a solution to the problem.

Neighbors are hoping they can come up with a solution sooner rather than later, because they said another concern they have is how the traffic will impact first responders when responding to an emergency.