AUSTIN (KXAN) — The flyover at the northbound Interstate 35 and northbound U.S. 183 interchange reopend Sunday after a weeklong closure, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT said construction crews made final construction adjustments and completed the paving on the flyover.

Source: (TxDOT)

“Northbound drivers wishing to access northbound U.S. 183 will exit 240A (183 South Lockhart) and use the bypass lane to reach the U.S. 183 intersection. Drivers will turn right onto the southbound U.S. 183 frontage road and U-turn at Cameron Road to access the entrance ramp to northbound U.S. 183,” said Diann Hodges, TxDOT’s spokesperson.

For months, drivers have noticed the dip and many have voiced concerns about the impact it could have on their vehicles.

“That little bump right there; that’s an issue,” explained Pierre Kones, a local driver who said he takes the flyover every day. “That’s how people’s tires get flat. That’s how people’s axles break. That’s how people’s rims crack. That’s an issue.”

Last May, crews blew up part of the flyover to address the flyover’s steepness that would slow down traffic. The reconstructed flyover reopened last fall, and that’s when the dip first became noticeable.

Transportation agency officials said in order to re-build the flyover faster, they did what they call a beam and column construction. That’s when there are two different types of construction that come together with TxDOT officials at the time saying in part, “while we do have science on our side, it is nearly impossible to get that just exactly even.”

Drivers like Jones are looking forward to the dip being paved, because he said, “Everything’s a big issue when you’re dealing with drivers and their lives. When you’re dealing with drivers and their lives everything has got to be taken seriously, because we’ve lost too many people due to the highway.”

TxDOT officials added this is a long-term solution they anticipate will last as long as the flyover is in service.

TxDOT said road signs would be placed to notify drivers of the upcoming closures.