KYLE, Texas (KXAN) – The City of Kyle said Monday crews with Viking Construction would be working on streets throughout the city from Aug. 21 to Aug. 29. 

The city said crews would be out on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. micro-surfacing roads to improve the appearance and life of the road on weekdays.

According to city announcement, all vehicles along the affected stretches of road must be moved before 8 a.m. on the day of the microsurfacing.  

Micro-surfaced roads will need to be closed after being treated, the city said, but will be reopened after the coating has cured, which will take a few hours.

The city asked people not to drive or walk on the new surface until the crew has opened the street. Fresh coating can stick to car tires and paint, the city said. When the microsurfacing is “cured,” the work crew will remove the cones or barricades. 

The city said people may see crews in their neighborhoods between Monday and Friday removing/grinding down pavement markings as well as patching and cleaning up street areas.

Map of Microsurfacing locations. (Courtesy: City of Kyle)

Here is a list of work sites (weather permitting), according to the city:

Monday, August 21 

  • Pond Lily Cove from Bottle Brush Dr. to the Cul-de-sac 
  • Steeple Brush Cove from Bottle Brush Dr. to the Cul-de-sac 
  • Indigo Cove from Sweet Gum Dr. to the Cul-de-sac 
  • Bottle Brush Dr. from Crossvine Ln. and west to Pond Lily Cove 
  • Bottle Brush Dr. from Steeple Brush Cove and north to Crossvine Ln.  
  • Sweet Gum Dr. from Indigo Cove to Bottle Brush Dr. 

Tuesday, August 22 

  • Apricot Dr. from Sunnyside Dr. To Connor Elkins 
  • Apricot Dr. from Connor Elkins to Claudell Dr. 
  • Apricot Dr. from Claudell Dr. and northeast to Clematis Ct. 
  • Apricot Dr. from Clematis Ct. and northwest to Waterleaf Blvd. 
  • Apricot Dr. from Waterleaf Blvd. and west to Palmetto Cove 
  • Apricot Dr. from Palmetto Cove and west to Gina Dr. 
  • Matthews Ln. from Sunnyside Dr. To Connor Elkins  
  • Matthews Ln. from Connor Elkins to Claudell Dr. 

Wednesday, August 23 

  • Apricot Dr. from Gina Dr. and south to Pauline Cove 
  • Apricot Dr. from Pauline Cove and south to Sunnyside Dr. 
  • Bottle Brush Dr. from Sweet Gum Dr. to Camelia Pkwy.  
  • Bottle Brush Dr. from Pond Lily Cove and south to Bottle Brush Dr. 
  • Sweet Gum Dr. from Bottle Brush Dr. and north to Sweet Gum Dr. 
  • Outside lanes of Dacy Ln. from Bunton Creek Rd. to Downing Way 

Thursday, August 24 

  • Bottle Brush Dr. from Camelia Pkwy. to Steeple Brush Cove 
  • Sweet Gum Dr. from Muscadine Dr. to Indigo Cove 
  • Muscadine Dr. from N. Old Stagecoach Rd. to Sweet Gum Dr. 
  • Inside lanes of Dacy Ln. from Bunton Creek Rd. to Downing Way 

Friday, August 25 

  • Turn lanes and crossovers of Kyle Pkwy. from Dacy Ln. To the traffic light at the Wal-mart entrance 
  • Inside lanes of Dacy Ln. from Bunton Creek Rd. to Downing Way 

Monday, August 28 

  • Kyle Pkwy. from Dacy Ln. to the traffic light at the Wal-mart entrance 

Tuesday, August 29 

  • Clean up and patching as needed