AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Mustang Ridge police officer is recovering after surgeries related to injuries he received during a crash while escorting a funeral procession Thursday, according to the Austin Police Department. The crash shut down Interstate 35 northbound lanes for a number of hours that day.

The officer, identified by Mustang Ridge Police Department as Jason Payne, was hit near I-35 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard around 11:05 a.m., APD said. Mustang Ridge Police Chief Leonard Cantu said Payne broke his femur, shoulder, arm and hand.

“Once I started getting information … you start thinking the worst,” Cantu said. “And when you’re on a motorcycle, you know, you don’t have that much protection. It was definitely nerve wracking.”

In an update Friday, Cantu said Payne went through surgery and got a rod put in for his broken right femur. He’s expected to undergo more procedures Friday for his broken hand, wrist, fingers, arm and elbow. Cantu said the officer is “recovering well.”

The police chief also thanked the community and responding agencies for their support. The man whose mother the funeral procession was for gave his own message of support to Payne, saying, “we wish you a speedy recovery, sir, hope all is well.”

Police vehicles blocked off multiple lanes as they investigated Thursday. A police motorcycle lay on the ground in between the two right-most lanes.

  • cars backed up on I-35
  • motorcycle on the ground surrounded by police cars

The following videos, courtesy of Ameer Hassan, show the aftermath of the crash and damage to Payne’s motorcycle.

The Texas Department of Public Safety was also on scene to help with traffic.

Changes have been made to funeral processions in Austin following a crash that killed APD motorcycle officer Abdul-Khaliq in 2016.

Motorcycle officers now have to be equipped with sirens as well as lights. All members of the procession also have to drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit, unless there are minimum speed limits posted.